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8X Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens for Samsung S3 S4 S5 iphone 4,4s,5,5S,5C, Nokia, HTC and universal
Mobile phone itself has no optical zoom lens, which can only achieve a few times digital zoom, so when using the zoom distant scene, the image quality is not ideal. The 8x optical lens has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, it can support any mobile phone horizontal and vertical shoot, function very useful. These exquisite and simple design, for your mobile phone adds new telephoto shooting function experience.

8x external lens, optical imaging quality than digital zoom imaging ideal. Because it is a telephoto end, according to the ordinary camera's standard, four angle loss of optical phenomena, and the distortion of small. But the little 8X external telephoto lens to let your mobile phone for hundreds of thousands of meters distance telephoto capability, which provides authoring tools and means more for mobile phone image lovers.
Product parameters:

Lens : 8X
Lens size: 3.4*7.2cm
Material: Plastic
Lens weight: 45g
Color:Black White

Clip size:5* 2* 2.5cm
Clip weight: 6.0g
Clip color: black, white

Product features :

Product light weight (compared with professional telescope), small volume, good mobility, with the external shots particularly good use effect. Whether you are taking a picture to others or to their own pictures or small objects photographed and macro photography, is your good helper.

Special note: product concept of playing more than the actual effect, please don't and dedicated camera lens compared.


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