Laptop Cleaning Kit

Brand: Astrum
Product Code: A72511-B
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Price: 300Tk
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Astrum Laptop / LCD Cleaning Kit CS110

Astrum has brought nice cleaning kit for you,for cleaning your daily used device as like Tab/Tablet,LCD Screen,Laptop Screen & more other devices.


  1. Liquid Gel Cleaner: Liquid Gel solution give no damage to devices
  2. Micro Fibre Brush: Antistatic cleaning brush removes dust from gaps & corners
  3. Micro fibre cloth : Soft microfiber cloth for scratchless cleaning
  4. Component: 100% natural coconut diethanolamide, alchohol and acetone-free
  5. Use For: Cleans Screens, Camera Lens, PDAs, Electronics & more.
  6. Eco-friendly: Economy, non - environment pollution
  7. Material:Micro Fibre Brush and Clothe
  8. Gel Solution:Natural Coconut Diethanolamide
  9. Applicable for :Laptop Screen, LED Screen, Camera, Tablets, Mobile, e.t.c
  10. Warranty: 1year

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