5-in-1 Beauty Care

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1.5-in-1 Beauty Care Massager
2.Powered with 2 x AA batteries (not included)
3.Has 2 different speed option
4.Has five different heads for five different functions
5.Cleaning the face to prepare for moisturising or nourishing
6.Exfoliates dead skin to reveal a radiant, youthful skin
7.Timely supply of water and nutrition to skin to prevent premature ageing
8.Removing hard cells under foot or elbow
9.Improves the appearance and texture of skin
10.Smooths and softens hands and feet
11.Reduces rough and callus skin
12.Increases and improve blood circulation
13.Restore soft and smooth skin.
14.Exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal radiant and youthful skin.
15.Reduce and erase fine lines & blackheads.
16.Compact and light-weight.
17.2 settings: “Low” for daily cleaning, “High” for exfoliation.

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