Digital thermometer

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Digital Thermometer

Its time to change.Now you can diagonise your fever so easily & smoothly and digitaly also.Digital thermometer helps you to get exact information about sickness.

  • 1) Temperature range: 32oC-42oC 
  • 2) Display LoC: temperature below 32oC 
  • 3) Display HoC: temperature above 42oC 
  • 4) Accuracy: 0.1oC 
  • 5) Display mode: LCD (3.5) 
  • 6) Power: 0.15mW (working) 
  • 7) Battery: AG3 1.5V, ordinary button battery 
  • 8) Alarm: thermometer beeps after temperature taken 
  • 9) Precise measurement 
  • 10) Easy to read and use 
  • 11) No mercury, environment-friendly 

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