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Dr. Madhuamrit is well known for its properties of suppression of glucose absorption and reduces the sensation of sweetness in foods - effects of which are important for individuals who want to reduce blood sugar levels or lose weight. This Ayurvedic medicine works particularly by regulating the levels of sugar or glucose in the body.

• Diabetes is a hereditary disease.It helps in regulating diabetes, controlling sugar level in the body, and restores energy and improves health.100% herbal with zero side effects.This will definitely reduce the sugar level in body and increase your metabolic processes.

• Dr. Madhu Amrit Herbal Powder is used to restores energy and improves health. This is a non toxic herbal powder and which is made from rich ingredients and available with us at cost effective pricing. Dr. Madhu Amrit Herbal Powder . capsule helps in regulating diabetes.

  •  Eliminates excessive sugar which circulates in blood.
  •  Heals wounds in lesser time as it controls diabetes effectively.
  • Reduces the risk & motivates the beta cells of pancreas.
  •  Energize, rejuvenate & promotes cell regeneration.
  • Prevents osteoporosis by effectively controlling diabetes.
  • Prevents sexual weakness due to diabetes.
  •  Provides vitality to vital organs like "stomach, kidney, lever, eye.
  • Acute and functional prevention for diseases.
  •  Food intoxication and anemia.
  •  Dosage:Take 1 tea spoon powder with water before meal in Morning & night. And 1 tablets in a day daily before Dinner.

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