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Mobile Lens

Brand: USAMS Product Code: R-371
USAMS iPhone 12 Series Metal Phone Lens Sticker Separate DesignAerospace grade alloy ring, hard and scratch resistantReal machine color toning spiral pattern, shining original machine textureHigh-definition transparent glass, lossless pixelsDust-free sealed adsorption, waterproof and will not fall..
Brand: REDBOX Product Code: 1917
Features:1. It is portable to carry out.2. It is suitable for distant shot. Make it easy to take some beautiful pictures.3. You also can make videos for distand view. Never worry about that you can't see the singer when go to a concert.4. Never miss every beautiful and unforgettable scene. It is wor..
Brand: Baseus Product Code: M440
Features:Integrated coverage from the edge of the lens to the lens;more thorough and effective than ordinary film protectionInvisible Protection, Thinner than A PaperOnly 0.4mm higher than the lens, perfectly fit without feeling its existence or affecting the use of the phone caseNon-destructive Sho..
Brand: REDBOX Product Code: 927
1. With this macro lens,you can take picture of a tiny object clearly in the detail ( The shot distance is between 1.0-2.5CM )2. Material: Made of top-grade Aluminum and the highest quality optical glass.3. Glass lenses: High Clarity, multi-coated optical glass.4. Lens cap: high-strength e..
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