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3D Body massager

3D Body massager
3D Body massager
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3D quick-acting plastic muscle instrument, also known as beauty stick, is popular in Japan, unique s-shaped design, suitable for body massage, like a breeze-like rolling massage, containing high-purity glutinous grains, metal minerals, etc., close to the skin, mainly It is a face-lifting massage and body sculpting to rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin! Thereby delaying and improving skin problems caused by aging. In addition to the basic lifting, firming, face-lifting, beauty, decree, let the body and mind relax, eliminate fatigue, improve edema, dry skin, etc. Just three steps to create a refined you
Step 1: Use a cleansing brush to clean your face;
Step 2: Massage your skin with a beauty instrument to restore the metabolism of skin cells and promote the increase of collagen in the skin;
Step 3: Use the roller massager to lift and tighten your skin. The skin becomes bright, elastic, wrinkles are gradually reduced, and your youth is rejuvenated. [For the crowd]: Beauty is not divided between men and women, aged 12 years old All of the above can be used; TV stars, advertising models, show hosts, etc. face people who sit in front of the computer for a long time, shoulders are sore and tired; people with facial fats; people with sharp lines of eyes and wrinkles; a person with large pores, sagging skin, and a dull skin
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